Friday, October 4, 2019

Y'all Ready for a Spoopy Saturday Sale?

Extra spooky spiders and fences @ JIAN Mainstore this weekend for The Saturday Sale!
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Is your house haunted?  Do you need it to be MORE haunted?

We have just the thing!

Pale Picket Fences

16 Piece Fencing Kit Includes:
Scripted Gate
4 Gateway Opening Ends
4 Varieties of Webbed Fence Piece
4 Sizes of Continuous Fencing
3 Styles of End Post w/ & w/o Webs


House Spider Collection

2 Styles Worn Companion
Rezzed Ground Wanderer (2 LI)
Spinning Drop Spider (Dangly bois! 2 LI)
Lurker Spider (Animates in one place! 2LI)


Broken Spider Pot

Animated spider crawls in and around his little broken pot home! 5 LI @ incl. size. 

You can get each of these SpOoOoPy items for only L$75 each this weekend for The Saturday Sale!