Monday, September 30, 2019

Haunted Graveyard @ FaMESHed!

Available @ the October round of FaMESHed!
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So, of course we made a graveyard.  Did I mention it's haunted?  Yeah?  Well, it's animated too!

Set Includes:

8 Grave Marker Shapes
Cross, 3 Rounded, 3 Decorative and 1 Embellished
Animated w/ skull, arm or static versions
Decorated & Plain texture versions
Plain textures included for modding
(we're not saying you should kill anyone, but now you can make it look like you did)

2 Animated Dirt Grave Plots
Skull & Arm Versions

Animated & Static Stone Casket
4 animated versions with skull & arms, 1 static

Static Items: 1 - 2 LI ea.
Animated Items: 2 - 9 LI ea.

Swing through FaMESHed this month before they're spirited away!