Friday, March 6, 2020

Feelin' kinda ho hum? Cheer up with HUMMINGBIRDS for The Saturday Sale!

Hummingbird Trellises & Feeder AND Hummingbird Flowers @ JIAN Mainstore for The Saturday Sale!
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Birbs!  Hummingbirbs!  Trellises, feeders, flowers -- we're super ready for spring, guys, can you tell?  We're betting at least some of you are ready too, so we're trying to help!  Hummingbird Trellises & Feeder are L$75 and Hummingbird Flowers are just L$50 this weekend for Saturday Sale!

Hummingbird Trellises & Feeder

- Trellis (w & w/o birds) -
3 Wood Textures
4 Flower Petal Color Textures
13 / 12 LI each at incl. size

- Feeder (w & w/o birds) -
5 Feeder Color Textures
3/2 LI each at incl. size

Animated Flitting Hummingbirds
come already attached to items

Two texture choices for each individual bird on each item!

Hummingbird Flowers

Triple & Solo Flower Arrangements
Four Flower Texture Choices
Green & Blue Hummingbird Texture Choices 
Flowers with and without animated hummingbirds
1-3 LI @ Included Size