Friday, March 20, 2020

What's quack-a-lackin? Not us! Pekin Duck & Sunflower Collections for The Saturday Sale!

 Available this weekend @ JIAN Mainstore for The Saturday Sale!
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IT SPRING.  I mean, it feels like spring anyway.  Pekin ducks, sunflowers, all good things.  They're just L$75 each at the mainstore this weekend!  

Pekin Duck Collection includes: 

Adult Duck - Worn animated companions, Wanderers (11 LI)

Baby Duckling - Worn animated companion, Wanderer (5 LI)

- Create 'flocks' of wandering ducks that follow each other!

Static Frame-Changer Ducks/Ducklings - Click to choose pose from 8 'frames', 5 duck/duckling posers to choose from (1-3 LI each) 

Sunflower Collection Includes: 

7 Flower Arrangements - Single, Duo, Triple, Corner, Curve & Line

5 Sunflower Textures - Five. 

Dirt Plots / Textures Included - Easily make your own custom garden beds! 

1-2 LI each