Thursday, April 30, 2020

EEE EE EEEE EE! Dolphin Deco Collection for Fifty Linden Friday!

Dolphin Deco Collection @ JIAN Mainstore for FLF!
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Listen.  I couldn't think of a dolphin pun.  I'm disappointed in me, too.

At the mainstore this weekend for just L$50, this set includes:

- Adult and baby dolphins in 5 species texture options

Surface / Deep Wanderer
That's two DIFFERENT wanderers in both adult and baby versions. 

Jumping Dolphin
Stays in one place and jumps out of the water, landing with a splash of water particles.

Orbiter Dolphin
Swims clockwise / counter-clockwise in a circle.  (In a radius you set!)

Set also includes:  Static Frame Changers, Floating Name Text and Scripted Resize