Thursday, April 2, 2020

You CALF to see what we have for Fifty Linden Friday!

Highland Calf Companions & Wanderers @ JIAN Mainstore for FLF!
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Are you guys sick of my puns yet?  'Cause I'm not.

This week for FLF we have BABY FRICKIN' COWS.  FLUFFY ONES.

These babies are animesh, they come in 5 textures.  You can name them, you can let them moo their little hearts out (or not.)

And for just L$50 each this weekend, you can have wanderers (to rez) that will roam freely within a radius defined by you OR a companion to wear that'll follow you around and just look heckin' cute all the time everywhere you go. 

Or, and I'm just sayin' here.. you could get both.