Friday, May 22, 2020

HOT DIGGITY DOG it's Saturday Sale Time Again!

Boston Terrier Hot Dog Thief @ JIAN Mainstore this weekend for The Saturday Sale!
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Everybody loves a grilled hot dog, right?  This lil homie does.

Just in time for Memorial Day (get your dad hat and white & gray New Balances ready) we've got our Boston Terrier Hot Dog Thief in the mainstore for just L$75 all weekend!  

Set includes a grill with hotdogs in 3 color choices and our thievin' Boston Terrier (animated rezzed decor pet) that steals and gobbles hot dogs in 4 coat textures!

ALSO! There are just two days of the Ramadan Sale left!  All normal (non-gacha) items are still 25% off in the mainstore for two more days!