Thursday, May 28, 2020

Such Majestic, Very Fluff ~ Forest Cat Collection & Wicker Cat Bed for Fifty Linden Friday!

Wicker Forest Cat Bed & Forest Cat Collection available @ JIAN Mainstore for FLF!
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Who loves fluffy kitties?  Weeee loves fluffy kitties.  We have a whole mess of fluffy kitties AND a bed for them this weekend for just L$50 each! 

Wicker Forest Cat Bed is a wicker bed (13 LI at included size) with an animated snoozing kitty!  The kitty comes with 3 coat texture options, the bed comes in 3 wicker textures and the cushion is tintable to match your decor!

Forest Cat Collection includes: 

Worn Companion - Attaches to avatar and animates / follows with you.  Cannot be rezzed.
Rezzed Wanderer - Animates and wanders in a radius set by you.  Should not be worn.
Static Frame Changers:  Non-animated cat meshes in a variety of poses, for lower LI decor or photos!

Also included:  3 texture options, renaming, scripted resize, and on / off toggles for sound and animations.