Friday, June 5, 2020

Bunny V3 Colorful Companions & Wanderers for Stand For Justice!

Available starting June 5th @ Stand For Justice!
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Human rights are hella important to us at Jian.  We believe in equality, equity and fair treatment for literally anyone who ever lived.  We hope you do too.  

Starting today (Friday, June 5th) we have both the companion and wanderer varieties of our V3 Colorful Bunnies available for L$50 each at Stand for Justice - In Support of Black Lives

All items will be a 100% donation, collected by an avatar created for this purpose, StandforJusticeSL Resident.  This fundraiser is brought to you by the creator of Fifty Linden Friday! 

For more information on the fundraiser and the chosen charities, please visit their page:  Stand For Justice! 

Both bunnies are animesh and come with 8 color choices and floating name text!

As always - companions are meant to be worn on your avatar and animate with / follow you.  Wanderers are meant to be rezzed and will wander at random within a radius you define.