Sunday, June 21, 2020

Elephant Sneak-peek #2 - They're coming SOON!

They're big and they're coming very, very soon!
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It's finally almost time everyone!
Our African Elephants will be marching into our main-store THIS WEEK!
We're still working behind the scenes to make them the best we possibly can but we can at least give you all a bit of a tease in the form of previews of new and improved functionality and textures.

As you've come to expect, we'll offer an array of texture choices for your new elephant buddies.
Fat packs of each type will include all 6 base textures.
Individual shades and the fat pack will include a 'muddy' option, which you can elect to change any time or have it change automatically with matching animations that trigger the change.

Our Elephants will come as companions, wanderers and... yes! Mounts!
Mounts will seat up to two avatars and allow for customization of the saddle, blankets and rider positions via HUD.

You'll also be able to choose whether your new buddies have their natural tusks or if you've capped them off with a metal cover.

And now for all the shiny buttons... the HUD!
We'll use the mount HUD to feature all of the new functions.

You'll be able to...
  • Toggle sounds on/off
  • Set your elephant's floating text name, clear it or change its color.
  • Reposition either rider on your mount
  • In wanderers, select which wanderer by visual marker and change roaming distance
  • Control who can ride your mount (owner only or anyone)
  • Play individual animations and/or stop them from playing in its idle cycle
  • Change the tusk style of your elephant, either individually or at the same time
  • Choose textures for your elephant's skin, saddle and blankets
  • Turn on or off auto swapping of clean/muddy elephant skin texture based on animations
This is a new chapter of how our animals work and we hope you'll enjoy them all the more with the improvements we're working on for new releases in animesh!
Please be aware that at the time of this blog post we're still very much working on the final details so some of this may change, but final up to date details of the release will be included with the release blog post and on ad images.

Stay tuned for when we'll be releasing in the coming week and more news about not-so-distant future releases!