Friday, June 12, 2020

What Came First: The Chicken or The Saturday Sale?

Chicken Farm Collection available @ JIAN Mainstore for The Saturday Sale!
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Did you ever wanna fill your yard with tiny dinosaurs?  Cause that's pretty much what chickens are, and we GOT YOU BOO.  For just L$75 this weekend you can pick up our Chicken Farm Collection as this week's Saturday Sale item!

Set Includes

Feeder Chicken (6 LI)
Looking Chicken (3 LI)
Stomach Sleeper Chicken (1 LI)
Back Sleeper Chicken (1 LI)
(These 4 types are animated placer chickens that do not wander, but stay in one place and animate where you rez them. They include 4 texture options.) 

Chicken Coop (5 LI) - 4 siding textures
Separate Chicken Stand (1 LI)
Feed Bags & Bowl (1 LI)
Ice & Seed Water Bowl (1 LI)
Modular Coop Fences (1-3 LI per piece) - 5 wood textures, Fence Doors open on click!