Thursday, October 22, 2020

Bichon Frise Preview!

The bichon frise is finally ready to play!
Here's a sneak-peek at them and their matching ensemble made by the incredible Blueberry.
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Click "read more" below to see all the previews, including gifs!
(but be warned, these gifs are large! be sure you're on wifi!)

Our new bichon buddies will all come with these 6 fur texture options.
They'll also have a plethora of choices for their matching shirt, purse and/or bed -- previews of those below as well!

••• Helds & Carry Purse •••

If you're a fashionable lady (or dude or whatever, who are we to question wanting to be fashionable) and need your side-kick bichon on the go, consider this stylish but equally sturdy carry purse. It boasts metal accents, a dope pawprint keychain, and color-customizable body fabric, laces and leather handles/accents. It also features a breathable mesh side so you and everyone else can see in on your pupper easily any time.

You'll also have a second held pupper for your right arm. 
Careful though, he a wiggly escapee boi.
Hold two* puppers; one in your right arm, another in a bag on your left.
*if you have a premium SL account, since that's a LL thing
non-premium accounts can only have one animesh object attached - sorry!

••• Palette Bed & Sitter •••

When it's time to go to bed, this comfy bed made from recycled palette wood is the perfect size for your bichon frise. Wheel it into place, select the right color of wood tone, blanket and cushion, and your pup is ready to chillax.

You'll also have the included NEW sitter doggo in this pack!
This doggo sits in one place but is anything but still. It has its own set of animations and will make any place you let it be a little bit cuter. Okay, a lot cuter.

••• Companions & Wanderers •••

And of course we'll have our companions and wanderers that are full of fun, lively trigger-able animations.
If you're new to us, companions are pets that you attach to your avatar that walk, run and animate alongside you as you move throughout SL and use up NO land impact.
Wanderers take up prim/LI but can freely roam within a definable radius of motion anywhere (including in the sky if you so choose) on a parcel of sim land.

Our new bichon babies will be available in all their fashionista splendor, along with Blueberry's beautiful matching outfit, very soon only at both of our main stores!

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