Friday, October 23, 2020

Oh Deer Me, we're FAWNing over The Saturday Sale!

Fallow Deer Buck & Doe AND Fallow Deer Fawn @ JIAN Mainstore for The Saturday Sale! 
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Yeeeeeah boi.  It fall.  It spoopy season.  It Bambi Season.  Those leaves are mad crunchy and the deer are just *chef's kiss* out in the foggy morning lookin' all regal as you please.  It's magnificent.  Majestic.  Spectacular.  

And just L$75 each for The Saturday Sale, all weekend long. 

Fallow Deer Buck & Doe 

Buck Wanderer (22 LI)
Doe Wanderer (9 LI)
(Both in walking and running versions!)
Worn Companions
Static Display Frames
Summer / Winter / Snowy


Fallow Deer Fawn

Rezzed Wanderer (8 LI)
(Running and walking versions!)
Worn Companion
Static Displays (1 LI each)