Sunday, November 1, 2020

Bichon Fris- HAAAAAY! JIAN X Blueberry Collab~


NEW JIAN x Blueberry Collab available NOW @ JIAN Mainstore!

Click post title or 'Read more' below for the details.


Listen.  I'm not saying we're singlehandedly saving 2020, but.. we did a thing.  A floofy, bougie dog thing that just so happens to perfectly match a full outfit our homies over at Blueberry have cooked up for you!

But first... 
Congratulations to our giveaway winners!

★        boop1975        ★ 
★   Inara Sugarplum  ★ 
★       VictoriaBlue      ★ 
★   Titheling Atheria   ★ 
★   Razi Constantine  

Thank you all for entering!

And now, the details of our new release~

ALL versions are: 

 Operable via our Comprehensive Control HUD
 Included in clothed and naked versions (Shirts available in Blueberry release colors/patterns) 
 Available in 6 fur textures
 Include triggerable animations via Control HUD

All packs / fatpack are available for the first two weeks at a 25% discount introductory price! 

SALE PRICES: L$900 each / L$2500 fatpack
Regular Prices: L$1200 each / L$3000 fatpack

You can check out Blueberry's half of the collab in our mainstore, at Blueberry's mainstore or get a peek at it here: 

Details for each pack can be found in the images below!