Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hunts & Giveaways ~ Coming to JIAN!

 Are you ready to win some STUFF?
Then get ready for Super Hunt Sundays and Trivia Giveaways at JIAN!

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We're bored. You're bored. Let's have some fun!

On Sundays, our good friend Orion Swansong will be hosting Super Hunt Sundays in-store at JIAN.
She will hide gift boxes around the store for you to find. 
If you find one, buy it for L$0 before someone else does and take it into your inventory! 
Give it to Orion to get a special gift - could be a gift card or even a specific product! 
Only Orion knows and she'll announce what's to win via group notices, along with a start time and any other details you might need to know.

Throughout the week, we'll also have trivia and other contest in group chat, so be sure to keep an eye out for when that might be happening.

Have fun!

To join in, be sure to join our store group which you can get invited to in our main store: