Sunday, December 20, 2020

Merry Chrysler! It's a Christmas Hunt at JIAN!


Happening NOW at JIAN Mainstore!

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If you haven't heard, REINDEER have landed at JIAN! 

With them has come little Sven Chrimble and he needs your help making a special gift for Santa. Can you help him? 

Through January 1st, you can head over to our mainstore and complete this hunt for a Christmas Gift Prize!

Here's how it works: 

1.) Have your group tag active and click the envelope Sven is holding at our landing point.

2.) Allow the note object to attach to your avatar -- it's a temporary HUD and you won't be able to participate without it!

3.) Follow the clues through the store, finding more red envelopes along the way.  You must be within 5m of the envelope for your click to count!

Note: The temporary HUD will automatically detach upon completion of the hunt! 

Also, yes, part of the prize at the end is meant to be full permissions!