Saturday, December 12, 2020

Santa is coming to town... and Reindeer are coming to JIAN!


The weather outside might be frightful,
... but our new Santa's Reindeer are quite delightful!

Coming soon to JIAN is our new collection of animesh Santa's Reindeer!

Click to read more about them and see how to enter to win them for free!

Our new collection of Santa's Reindeer is more than just a total rework of reindeer...
It's a HUGE Santa-sized expansion!

We'll have 10 reindeer texture choices for both adults and babies (yes, baby reindeer!) that coordinate to each of Santa's reindeer. Rudolph's nose will glow bright, or not, it's all up to you!

The baby reindeer will pull you on a sled.
The adult reindeer will be your mighty mount.
Or hop in the sleigh and be Santa on your sim.

The decor set will include a brand new, improved reindeer stable as well as some extra goodies to help you flesh out your holiday village scene.

If you'd like your chance to ride in the sleigh with Rudolph FOR FREE
enter our giveaway in-store by wearing your JIAN group title and clicking on the sign - that's it!
You can also enter over on our facebook page by Love reacting, sharing and commenting on our post for twice the entries!

Santa's reindeer will be at JIAN soon!
Check back here for more information and animated previews ~