Saturday, February 13, 2021

Your Presence is a Present: New Group Gift!

Available now @ JIAN Mainstore!
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 Hold your horses! Er.. reindeer.  Hold your reindeer! 

Do you like JIAN?  Do you like free stuff?  WE HAVE NEW FREE STUFF!

Stop in at the mainstore wearing your group tag and click the vendor to pick these adorable snoozy reindeer up for yourself! 

These animesh reindeer come in 10 texture choices and are 25/30 LI each!

Thank you for all your support.  We love you.  💕

Alsoooooo, it's not too late to pick up ANOTHER free gift and a 25% discount on select JIAN items at Shop & Hop!  You can find us HERE until Feb ruary 17th!