Thursday, March 4, 2021

Yo, we got that new new for Fifty Linden Friday! Hooded Fluff Pet Beds!

Hooded Fluff Chihuahua & Ragdoll Beds available NOW @ JIAN Mainstore for FLF!
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They're snuggly and warm and really we just wish we could fit in there too!

For just L$50 each all weekend, you can get our Hooded Fluff Pet Beds in either Chihuahua pupper or Ragdoll kitty varieties!

These are static, decorative pets cozy in their beds. They come with 4 fur textures, 5 bed textures and floating name textures!  They're just 3 LI each at the included size, so you can have a whole slew of snoozin' buddies.  💕