Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Gacha Collection FATPACKS - Coming soon for past releases!

For the past couple of years, we've focused entirely on regular releases as opposed to gachas. With our latest release, we offered an option that was not available before - a fatpack that included copy versions of everything in the set (except for event exclusives). We've been asked many times over the years if we'd offer an option like this for our gachas... and now we are!

We'll be re-releasing each fatpack over time and they will all:
~ only be available as complete fatpacks, meaning the entirety of what was in the gacha machine
~ not offer individual items sold separately
~ be copy/no transfer permissions on all items
~ function identically to their gacha versions
   - this means that rares will have texture menus and individual items will remain separate

Our gachas will remain available in gacha format as well for those of you who still enjoy playing the gachas one at a time versus having the option for one large purchase of everything. 

You'll still find our gachas and their new fatpack versions up on the gacha platform just like before.

We hope no matter your preferences, you'll still enjoy your gachas and your potential new collections.
We'll be putting them out as we have time to convert them for fatpacks. Stay tuned for announcements on when each one goes out. 

The first three re-releases of fatpack we'll have available 7/28/21 are below!

Boxer Bedlam - L$2000 fatpack / L$75 per play

Newfie Pewfs - L$1750 fatpack / L$75 per play

Warrior Wolves - L$2000 fatpack / L$75 per play