Thursday, July 15, 2021

They've Got Akita Our Hearts ~ Akita Summer for The Epiphany!

Akita Summer Gacha & Collection Fatpack available @ this round of The Epiphany!
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You know what's real dope?  Summer, street food and Akitas.

These very good (read: best) bois are ready to party summer festival style and are available starting at 10pm SLT at this round of The Epiphany! (Slurl above and mirror sim available HERE!

  These sets are available TWO ways!  For L$75 per play, you can get our normal transfer only Gacha Versions (with 6 rares and 24 commons!) 
*Options available via drop-down menu for applicable features.


The Complete Collection Fatpack is available for L$3000 as a copiable, no transfer set -- with the added bonus of including their own versions of our (now standard) Comprehensive Control HUD for all texture, sound, animation, script and naming options!

Our display is available in the starting circle, just to the right of the landing point. Speaking of points -- our point prize! A wearable, held lantern for you to carry too!