Saturday, November 27, 2021

Doggone! It's Secret Sale Sunday! - Gorgeous German Shepherds!

It's Secret Sale Sunday again! This week we've got Non Animesh German Shepherds!

Pick from Adults, Puppies or Decor, just 50L each for the duration of Sunday only at the Jian Mainstore!

πŸ™€Don't forget that our Black Furiday is still going on too!πŸ™€

Click through for more information about the German Shepherds!

Non-Animesh Classic German Shepherd Adults come with both a Companion and a Wanderer version!

Also, there are 4 texture options so your fur babies can all look different, Scripted Resize and Sound/Animation toggle options! They are also Copy/Mod!

Non-Animesh Classic German Shepherd Puppies are sprightly little tots that include Companion, Wanderer and Held versions!

Copy/Mod, 4 Texture options, Scripted Resize, and Sound/Animation toggle options!

Finally, we have the Non-Animesh Classic German Shepherd Decor Set!

This set includes 4 static meshes at 1LI each, and a Hanging Couch (12LI) that has an animated dog and seating for two avatars! There are also texture change options on it for the dog, cushions, pillow and wood!

Copy/Mod, Scripted Resize and Sound/Animation Toggle options included!

Hope to See you this Sunday!