Saturday, November 20, 2021

Samoyed Savings this Secret Sale Sunday!

Darling Samoyed Dogs & Puppies on sale for 75L a set this Secret Sale Sunday only! Don't be late, come on down to the Jian Mainstore to get yours! 

More information after the break!

Our first collection on sale for Secret Sale Sundays is the Non-Animesh Samoyed Adult Dog Collection! It includes Companions and Wanderers (12LI-15LI) with and without scarves and hats! Scripted Resize and Sound/Animation Toggle options are included!

The second set up for grabs this Sunday is the Non-Animesh Samoyed Puppy Collection! This collection includes Worn Companions, Rezzed Wanderers (11-12LI), an animated Held Pupper and a Decorated Puphouse (with puppy sleeping on top!) (8LI)

5 "Costume" options (including non-costumed versions) round out this fun set of pups, and of course, there's Scripted Resize and Sound/Animation Toggle Options!

Be sure to hurry! These cheery pups will be 75L per set ONLY on Sunday, 11/21/21!