Thursday, February 24, 2022

New Animesh Release: Cocker Spaniels - Wagging their way into your heart @ The Fifty


Cocker Spaniels are coming to The Fifty, a new event put on by the people who brought you Fifty Linden Fridays! Jian's NEW animesh Cocker Spaniels will be there and at a temporary discount of 1500L for Companions, Wanderers and Held versions all in one pack! There are lots of animations, a chance for them to find one of three toys, a control hud, a texture hud and more! Don't miss this chance to bring these loveable ladies and gentlemen into your home!

 The monthly event The Fifty opens on 2/25 at Noon! Have fun guys!

Click through to see more information about the color options and information about The Fifty!

These puppies come with 26 Texture options! 

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