Thursday, February 3, 2022

*NEW* Cat Loaves & Hammock Dining Chairs for Fifty Linden Friday!

 Coming this weekend to Fifty Linden Friday - Its Cat Loaves & Hammock Dining Chairs!

Here's a place for your new ANIMESH Cat Loaf to cuddle up and hide in, while you sit in the chair above! 

Dining Chair Features: Texture Change HUD, 22 Chair Cushion Textures, 22 Cat Hammock Textures, 7 Stud Metal Textures, 6 Wood Textures, and 15 Avatar Sitting Animations! Chairs with cats already sitting in them are 57LI, Plain Chairs are 5LI

Cat Loaf Features: Animesh Animated Kitty, Tail Tucked and Tail Out versions, Texture Change HUD w/ALL Cat Options, and can be placed ANYWHERE (not just the chair!) 53LI each.

Come down to Jian this weekend (2/4/22-2/6/22) to get yours for only 50L!

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