Friday, May 3, 2024

Leopard Geckos and Cozy Birds on sale this weekend!

What do you like better? Geckos or Cardinals, Bluejays and Titmice? (Titmouses?)

You don't have to choose either or, because they're both on sale for 50L this weekend!

For Saturday sale, we have the Leopard Gecko Terrarium, a cool piece that is only 6LI! Plus, it includes animated and static geckos for you to place wherever you want, only 1LI each!

For the Secret Sale (starting midnight tonight), we have the Cozy Bird House, which is 5LI, plus placer birds that are only 1LI each!

(As a note, these Land Impacts were determined before the grid wide reduction in LI costs, so they may actually be lower!)

Click this blog entry for a picture of the Cozy Bird House, and a Taxi to your favorite pet store--JIAN!

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