Thursday, February 6, 2020

Cupid Pupper Pals for Fifty Linden Friday! (AND a new group gift!)

Available this weekend @ JIAN Mainstore for Fifty Linden Friday!
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You ever been shot in the butt so hard you fell in love?

Yeah, me either but here at Jian, we're willing to give almost anything a.. shot. (Ba dum tsss)

TWO cute lil pupperinos - upright and forward facing.  Three colors. Animated flying.  Cute lil heart particles, cause love and stuff. 
All the usual toggle scripts and resizing.

L$50.  This weekend.  Mainstore.  Get you some.


There's also a new group gift, 'cause we love you.
Look at this cute lil pupper statue.  It's gohhhhld!

You can pick this majestic lil beast up in the main building, where group gifts are usually found.