Friday, February 21, 2020

Woodpeckers & Magnolias and Red Squirrel Collection for the Saturday Sale!

Available this weekend @ JIAN Mainstore for the Saturday Sale!
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Critters and trees, trees and critters!  Maybe it's just us, but we're reaaaaaally ready for it to be spring, so we thought we'd offer up some nice green trees and wildlife to try and usher it in a little faster! 

Pick them up @ JIAN for just L$75 each this weekend for the Saturday Sale!

Woodpeckers & Magnolias

Animated Woodpecker Placer - 3 LI @ included size, can be placed on any surface, pecks and throws wood particles.  Scripted resize, animation toggle, floating name & sound!

Magnolia Trees - With & without flowers, 15 & 8 LI @ included size!

Red Squirrel Collection

Companion Squirrel - attaches to avatar and animates with you!

Placer Squirrel - 3 LI, animated squirrel that stays in one place

Wandering Squirrel - 4 LI, animated, land-roaming squirrel that wanders about in a define-able radius

Feeder Oak Tree - 7 LI, seasonally texture changing oak tree with an animated squirrel in a feeder!

Scripted Resize, Floating Name, Texture Change