Friday, February 28, 2020

You'll be PONDering the sweet deals we have for The Saturday Sale!

Frog Pond Collection AND Red-Eared Slider Pond @ JIAN Mainstore for The Saturday Sale!
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I'm not sorry for that bad pun and you can't make me apologize. 

Because it really is a sweet deal, so nyah!  Each of these ponds and their little green inhabitants are only L$75 each at our mainstore this weekend for The Saturday Sale!

Frog Pond Collection

Vernal Pool - Roughly 8.5 x 7.5m footprint.  Animated water.  V cool.

Lily Pad Assortments - 5 decorative lily pad assortments.  Also v cool.

Lily Pad Frog - 5 LI, animated frog that hops from one lily pad to another!

Placer Frog -  2 LI, nimated frog that stays in one place. 

Wanderer Frog - 3 LI, animated frog that wanders in a defineable radius

Companion Frog - He's your lil buddy!  Worn animated frog pet. 

Red-Eared Slider Pond

Companion Turtle - Wearable animated avatar pet.  They're all good turtles, Brent.

Wanderer Turtle - 4 LI, Wanders in a defined radius. 

Placer Turtle - 3 LI, Animated turtle, chills in one place.  Always know where your turtle is.

Turtle Pond - 17 LI, spawns swimming turtles inside.  The turtles swim in the water.  The water's in the pond.  It all works out for everyone.

Menu Options - names, resize, animation on / off