Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Red Panda Sneak-peek WIP & Giveaway!

Today we give you a little sneak-peek preview of our newest animesh critter coming soon...
Red Pandas!

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If you'd like to win yourself the full collection of red pandas on release day,
visit us in-world at our main store
and click the sign to enter
You'll need to have your Jian group tag active to enter so be sure to have it equipped!
You can also enter by loving, sharing and commenting your SL name on our Facebook photo.
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And now for the previews!
Our new fluffy bois come with 4 texture variations so you can have multiple red pandas out that aren't all identical. They like having friends, so definitely make room for at least two.

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They have two 'stands' where they wave their paws or take a playful swipe forward.

They'll also have a nice snack on some fresh bamboo and keep their paws looking and feeling pristine with gentle grooming action.

We'll also have a habitat with red pandas that explore and play in the specific features of the items in it!

Stay tuned to our blog, on facebook and/or in-world group notices for when we're ready to release and announce our winners of the giveaway!