Friday, August 14, 2020

THE BEBBY IS HONGRY. Legacy Fancy Feaster & Grubbin' Cat for Saturday Sale!

Available @ JIAN Mainstore this weekend for The Saturday Sale!
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Listen.  There are so many cats with food memes, I could literally have dragged this post on and on until the whole weekend was over, but if I did that.. you wouldn't know these h u n g r y floofs are on sale.  In the mainstore.  This weekend.  For the Saturday Sale.  For just L$75 each.  

Legacy Grubbin' Cat is what it says on the box.  Texture change kitty, table, dish & wood.  Animated kitty do a heckin' MONCH and is just 8 LI @ the included size.

Legacy Fancy Feaster?  Same deal, different vibe.  Animated Kitty, animated water.  Texture change kitty, collar & Dish.  11 LI @ the included size. 

They'll be up at their Saturday Sale price all weekend.