Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Dog Days of Summer: Beach Bums Chair (Pug) for Fifty Linden Friday!

Available @ JIAN Mainstore for Fifty Linden Friday!
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The Dog Days of Summer are a real thing.  And they're actually, like.. it's right now.  As we speak.. or uh.. type?  Anyway, they're nearly over -- only around for two more days JUST LIKE THIS SALE!

For just L$50 all weekend long you get:

Static Snoozing Pug Chair (3 LI)
Human Chair w/Animations (1 LI)
16 Chillin' Av Animations
6 Striped Chair Textures
7 Solid Chair Textures
4 Pug Textures
Our Gratitude

So settle in and grab your SPF.  This chair'll help keep the sand out of your crack and it comes with a cute lil snoozer of a dude to keep you company.